MPfm released

MPfm has been released today and has the following bug fixes and new features:

  • (Bug) The Update Library window UI was becoming unresponsive after updating large amount of audio files;
  • (Bug) The Song Browser column order by was off when using the horizontal scrollbar;
  • Support for MPC (MusePack) audio files (SV7 and SV8 header format).
  • Added the Type and FilePath columns to the Song Browser.

For more details about the changes in this version, check the MPfm change log.

As usual, you can download the latest MPfm version (including source code) on the MPfm SourceForge home page.

If you are a developer, you can now use the SV7Metadata class to read MPC (MusePack) audio files with a SV7 header. It is located in the MPfm.Sound assembly.


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