MPfm released

MPfm has been released today!

This is a major release; this version contains several major bug fixes to the playback engine. This version also has a few new features. Here is the list of changes:

  • (Bug) The CPU usage was way too high when updating the UI with the current song position (bug present since version
  • (Bug) Playlists with audio files of different sample rates did not adjust the mixer sample rate automatically.
  • (Bug) The wave form display cursor displayed the wrong position when using sample rates higher than 44100 Hz.
  • The song position isn’t affected by the buffer size anymore. This means the wave form cursor is much more precise, regardless of the buffer size.
  • The audio buffer is now cleared when setting a new position. This eliminates the lag between setting the position and hearing it.
  • The buffer size range is now 100ms to 10000ms. The new default buffer size is 1000ms (previously 100ms).
  • Added the new All sound format filter, which displays every audio file in the library, regardless of the sound format. The Type column in the Song Browser can be used to display the sound format.
  • Added several new columns to the Song Browser (Bitrate, Genre, Sample Rate, Tempo, Track Count, Year). You will need to re-import the audio files in the library to have values in some of these columns.
  • The column order can now be changed in the Song Browser by dragging column headers.
  • The peak file directory can now be changed. A warning can also be displayed if the peak file directory exceeds a certain threshold.

For more details about the changes in this version, check the MPfm change log.

As usual, you can download the latest MPfm version (including source code) on the MPfm SourceForge home page.


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