Removed sensitive code taken from BASS.NET from GitHub

I did something stupid a few weeks ago. I wanted to work on an Android version of MPfm before an official BASS.NET version was released. I used ILSpy to extract some of the P/Invoke stuff out of BASS.NET. I then commited these files to GitHub and used a script to add a GPLv3 notice to every source file. This gave the impression this code was my property, even though it wasn’t my intention. It was still a stupid thing to do.

I wish to make it clear that every code that was in “BassWrapper” folder of the “MPfm.Sound” class library is (C) 2005-2013 Bernd Niedergesäß. I do NOT own this code in any way! These files have been removed from GitHub today.

The project is currently unbuildable until this matter is officially resolved. I am truly sorry of this situation and wish to state that it was never my intention to take credit for somebody else’s code.

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