MPfm released

MPfm has been released today and has the following bug fixes and new features:

  • (Bug) Volume was reset to 100% upon playback of a new playlist or when restarting the application;
  • The wave form display rendering has been optimized;
  • Better support for APE tags;
  • Added item descriptions to property grid in the Edit Metadata window;
  • The “Test audio settings” button in the First Run window and Settings window is now using the same audio engine as the actual player. Previously, the test could give positive results, but once in the application, the audio playback wasn’t working properly.

For more details about the changes in this version, check the MPfm change log.

As usual, you can download the latest MPfm version on the MPfm SourceForge home page.

If you are a developer, you’ll be happy to know that there are two new classes for audio file metadata: SV8Metadata and APEMetadata.

SV8Metadata reads headers from MPC (MusePack) audio files. For more information, check the SV8 specs here. I am working on adding SV7 support too, required to support MPC files that were encoded with eariler versions of the MusePack codec. I am hoping to add official support for the MPC format in the next version.

APEMetadata lets you read and write APE tags to any audio file that supports this tagging format. For more information about APE tags, check this page.

For examples on how to use these classes, check the AudioFile class source in the Source package (available in the MPfm SourceForge Files section). The source code package now includes a reference help file (Documentation.chm) for developers.

Take care!


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