MPfm released

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you had fun in your families for the holidays.

MPfm has been released today. Here is a summary of the new features:

  • Playlist files are now supported! You can load and save playlists in any of the following formats:
    • M3U
    • M3U8
    • PLS
    • XSPF
  • You can now configure the mixer sample rate, update period and buffer size for the player in the Settings window.
  • You can now change the column width and visibility for the Song Browser. The values are kept in the configuration file. To show or hide columns, right-click on the Song Browser header and a contextual menu will appear.

I also worked on adding themes during the last few weeks, but they are not ready to be released yet. I’ll soon share some details about them on this blog.

For more details about the changes in this version, check the MPfm change log.

As usual, you can download the latest MPfm version on the MPfm SourceForge home page.

Have fun with MPfm and thanks for supporting the application!


2 Responses to MPfm released

  1. maciejak says:

    Sorry but last edition your player with ASIO no working. Only strange loud sound in speakers. And WASAPI too not working, music have fast tempo.

    • Hi!

      The ASIO and WASAPI drivers are currently experimental. I have an M-Audio Audiophile 192 and unfortunately I have the same problem with the ASIO and WASAPI outputs. The ASIO DirectX driver seems to work fine, but the M-Audio ASIO driver is playing the audio files too fast. I can’t get WASAPI to work on this soundcard but I can with my onboard sound card.

      Anyhow, you can use the DirectSound output in the current version, it is very stable.

      I’m currently working on getting rid of the last few bugs in the playback engine (the details are on the bug tracker if you’re interested).

      When these bugs will be fixed I will eventually work on getting the ASIO playback working correctly. WASAPI will come much later (I might just remove the option from the application until it works properly).

      Thanks for leaving feedback and hope you enjoy MPfm. Have fun!

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