User Guide

A user guide for MPfm is currently in the works and will be released in the future.

Developer Documentation

The developer documentation is part of the Source Code package, available on the MPfm SourceForge Home Page.

You can also consult the online documentation here.

Bugs and Feature Request

To view the issues, upcoming features, change log and roadmap of MPfm, check the Mantis bug tracker.

To report a new bug, you will have to create a new user or login using your existing credientials.

Users can submit new issues in the MPfm/Support project. The developer will then try to reproduce the bug and add a definitive issue into the into the MPfm project. All related issues will be linked. You can use Mantis notifications to get updates on your submitted issues or on issues you are interested in.

Contact Developer

You can contact the developer, Yanick Castonguay, at the following email address: