Discover a new way to listen to your music library.

MPfm is a music player made specifically for musicians. It may look like any other music player, but if you are a musician, it offers interesting features such as time shifting, loops and markers to help you pick songs by ear. Click here to know more about MPfm.

  • MPfm Main window MPfm
    MPfm is a music player designed for musicians.
  • MPfm Playlist window Playlist window
    MPfm lets you manage your playlists easily.
  • MPfm Loops & Markers section Loops & Markers section
    Use loops and markers to practice sections of your favorite songs!
  • MPfm Effects window Effects window
    MPfm features a professional 18-band equalizer based on the BASS audio library.
  • MPfm Edit Metadata window Edit Metadata window
    View and edit the tags and properties of your library files.

GPLv3 Logo MPfm is freeware, open source and is released under the GPLv3 license. This means MPfm can be modified by the community and will always stay free. For more information, check the MPfm License.

MantisBT Logo MPfm is currently in beta. Check the roadmap on the Mantis bug tracker to see what are the next features to be implemented.

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To download the latest version of MPfm, go to the Download page.