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Play Method (query, audioFilePath)
NamespacesMPfmfrmMainPlay(SongQuery, String)
Plays the selected song query in the Song Browser. The playback can be paused to seeked to a specific position before playing. Refreshes UI controls.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public void Play(
	SongQuery query,
	string audioFilePath
Public Sub Play ( _
	query As SongQuery, _
	audioFilePath As String _
query (SongQuery)

[Missing <param name="query"/> documentation for "M:MPfm.frmMain.Play(MPfm.SongQuery,System.String)"]

audioFilePath (String)

[Missing <param name="audioFilePath"/> documentation for "M:MPfm.frmMain.Play(MPfm.SongQuery,System.String)"]

Assembly: MPfm (Module: MPfm) Version: (