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SelectDistinctAlbumTitlesWithFilePaths Method (audioFileFormat)
Returns the distinct list of album titles with the path of at least one song of the album from the database, using the sound format filter passed in the soundFormat parameter. This is useful for displaying album art for example (no need to return all songs from every album).
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public Dictionary<string, string> SelectDistinctAlbumTitlesWithFilePaths(
	AudioFileFormat audioFileFormat
Public Function SelectDistinctAlbumTitlesWithFilePaths ( _
	audioFileFormat As AudioFileFormat _
) As Dictionary(Of String, String)
audioFileFormat (AudioFileFormat)
Audio file format filter (use Unknown to skip filter)
Return Value
List of distinct album titles with file paths

Assembly: MPfm.Library (Module: MPfm.Library) Version: (