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SelectAudioFiles Method (audioFileFormat, orderBy, orderByAscending, artistName, albumTitle, searchTerms)
NamespacesMPfm.LibraryLibrarySelectAudioFiles(AudioFileFormat, String, Boolean, String, String, String)
Selects audio files from the song cache, filtered by different parameters.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public List<AudioFile> SelectAudioFiles(
	AudioFileFormat audioFileFormat,
	string orderBy,
	bool orderByAscending,
	string artistName,
	string albumTitle,
	string searchTerms
Public Function SelectAudioFiles ( _
	audioFileFormat As AudioFileFormat, _
	orderBy As String, _
	orderByAscending As Boolean, _
	artistName As String, _
	albumTitle As String, _
	searchTerms As String _
) As List(Of AudioFile)
audioFileFormat (AudioFileFormat)
Audio file format filter
orderBy (String)
Order by field name
orderByAscending (Boolean)
Order by (ascending) field name
artistName (String)
Artist name
albumTitle (String)
Album title
searchTerms (String)
Search terms
Return Value
List of AudioFiles

Assembly: MPfm.Library (Module: MPfm.Library) Version: (