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SelectArtistAlbumTitles Method (artistName, audioFileFormat)
NamespacesMPfm.LibraryLibrarySelectArtistAlbumTitles(String, AudioFileFormat)
Returns the unique album titles of a specific artist in the library, using the filter passed in the soundFormat parameter.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public List<string> SelectArtistAlbumTitles(
	string artistName,
	AudioFileFormat audioFileFormat
Public Function SelectArtistAlbumTitles ( _
	artistName As String, _
	audioFileFormat As AudioFileFormat _
) As List(Of String)
artistName (String)
Artist Name
audioFileFormat (AudioFileFormat)
Audio file format filter
Return Value
List of album titles

Assembly: MPfm.Library (Module: MPfm.Library) Version: (